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The rule “caveat emptor” (let the buyer beware) effectively places the burden on the buyer to discover any defects to the property, as following the purchase the seller is not liable to the buyer. It is essential therefore, that you carry out an appropriate survey to discover whether any defects are evident.

The lender’s survey (valuation) is for their benefit and will not necessarily establish whether the property has any structural defects such as subsidence, or timber defects such as dry and/or wet rot.

Which?, the Council of Mortgage Lenders, advises the purchaser to arrange their own building survey before buying a property as this could potentially save thousands of pounds in costly repair bills in the future.

Arranging a survey is relatively simple and provides an economical way to avoid unpleasant and often costly surprises after moving in. Indeed the report may even enable you to renegotiate the price. It is important that before you decide to go ahead and commit yourself legally to the purchase your RICS Surveyor answers the following questions for you:-

• Is the agreed purchase price reasonable?
• Are there significant problems with the property?
• If there are any, what do I need to do, and how much will it cost to rectify them?

We provide three different types of survey to suit your needs and only use surveyors that have a local knowledge of your area.

What Type of Survey Do I Need?

  • Building Surveys

    We provide full building surveys that are recommended for older properties or where previous alterations and additions have been carried out. This survey includes a detailed description of the construction of the property, inspection of all main building components, roof, floors, walls, windows, services, finishes, grounds and boundaries. Recommendations for repair or further investigation may be made and an indication of long-term or potential problems listed. An estimated cost of repairs is also included in this service along with an insurance reinstatement valuation.

    Please feel free to view a sample Building Survey Report by clicking on the link below

    Sample Building Survey

  • Home Buyer Survey & Valuation

    We provide the RICS homebuyer report. It allows for a general inspection of the main elements of the property although in less detail than a Building Survey. Indeed, it is intended to be the “economy version” of a Building Survey. It is designed to provide a general appraisal of the condition of a property, identifying significant defects which may affect the value of the premises.

    Please feel free to view a sample Home Buyer Report by clicking on the link below.

    Sample Home Buyer

  • Market Valuations

    We provide a brief and concise valuation report with the main intention of providing a valuation of the property. Major problems and failures should be noted but advice and future implications of failures are not included.