Other Services

Expert Witness Appointment – Report

In the unfortunate circumstances where the parties to a dispute are unable to reach agreement they can either independently or jointly appoint an Expert to prepare a Report with the aim of resolving the dispute(s) prior to the contemplation of legal proceedings or as a consequence of them. Initially, we would inspect and investigate as necessary to ascertain the facts and prepare a preliminary or final report as required.
We can provide you with an Expert Witness Report on matters such as quality of materials and/or workmanship relating to construction projects either for on-going or completed projects.

The format of our report will be governed by the Civil Procedure Rules and RICS Practice Directions. Additionally, the report will aim to give relevant opinion as to the evidence, assist in establishing relevant facts, identify issues which will require decisions by the court and explore areas where agreement may be possible. Experience shows that a well researched and professionally presented report in the early stages of a dispute often leads to a quicker resolution, avoiding the need for court action.
Should the matter proceed further, we are able to collect evidence, advise your solicitor, prepare a full Expert Witness Report and present this to the courts should this be required.
We are familiar with Lord Woolf’s reforms of the court system and are happy to be appointed by both parties to a dispute to act as the Single Joint Expert if the court so directs.
Fees for such services vary according to the nature of the dispute, and the extent of services required. We can usually agree a fixed fee for the initial advice and report.

Dilapidation Surveys

We provide dilapidation surveys and schedule of conditions in accordance with the Landlord & Tenant Act. We also provide advice for the landlords and tenants regarding their rights and obligations. Our surveys consider the matters arising from the lease conditions and we seek to provide an accurate and comprehensive report.

Pre-Acquisitions Surveys

We provide pre-acquisition surveys for prospective purchasers to enable them to make an informed decision regarding their proposed transaction. Our surveys provide an assessment of all material matters and an evaluation of the current and future cost of remedial repairs and the predicted serviceable life of the various building and service elements. Our aim is to provide a fully comprehensive report in a timely fashion and to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Contract Administration

We provide a range of contract administration roles. We specialise in a range of differing contracts and provide a full and professional service in all matters arising under a building contract. We have experience in small, medium and large projects and we are able to deal with all matters arising from the building works in a professional manner.

Project Management

We provide project management roles from project conception to completion. As client representative we will ensure that your interests are fully protected whilst providing fair and impartial service to the parties under the contract.